15 strategies for dealing with showrooming

Showrooming is when people visit your store to see an item and then use smartphones and the Internet to find the same item at a lower price, either at another store or online. This practice hurts both large and small retailers, but with current technology, it is here to stay. Here are some strategies that you can take to overcome this problem.
  1. Use technology to stay in the game. Make sure your website is designed to look attractive on mobile devices.
  2. Don't get mad at people who use their mobile devices. Instead, use great customer service to engage them or redirect them to your information.
  3. Sell things online as well. Create an "omnichannel" experience - where people can buy your products in any way they want. The Gainesville, Florida SBDC explains omnichannel selling here.
  4. Help people with smartphones find YOUR website. Display QR codes that send people to your website for more information, videos, etc.
  5. Consider subscribing to online services that direct people to local businesses. These sites give rewards for people who shop at the stores they promote.
  6. Make instore shopping unique and fun - but make sure that the fun is connected to actually purchasing an item.
  7. Sell items that are not available anywhere else.
  8. Help people combine items to create something that they cannot get online.
  9. Provide frequent shoppers with unique perks - such as early notification of new items, sales, thank you gifts, or coupons. Make sure the people who aren't frequent shoppers know that they are missing something.
  10. Partner with other local businesses to offer coupons, discounts, and rewards for shopping locally. While it is nice to have a coordinated buy local program, don't wait for one - create your own. Give a coupon for a local restaurant...have a drawing for a gift certificate to a local store - and have the other store reciprocate.
  11. Encourage people to take pictures of themselves at your store and upload them to their Facebook and your Facebook pages.
  12. Create a qrcode so people with mobile devices can send an instant message to you about your service and products they'd like you to stock.
  13. People love instant - so focus on the benefits of having something now.
  14. Help people save time and avoid hassles. Car dealerships found that people wouldn't buy something until they found a way to sell what they had. So car dealerships added trade-in services. Can you save your customers time or effort by expanding what you do?
  15. Show that you are connected to your local community and share the importance of buying local to providing local jobs and economic prosperity. Avoiding sales tax by buying from out-of-state sources saves money in the short-run, at tremendous long-run cost. Click here for information about the 3-50 Buy Local project.
Showrooming: It's what they do an article from Gainesville, Florida SBDC.